Cars: In The Avengers movie universe, Tony Stark's bullet-proof Acura costs a measly $9,198,000.00. [Collider]

Gaming: Contrary to earlier plans, it seems Netflix won't be renting videogames after all. [USA Today]

TV: Powers co-creator Brian Michael Bendis says he and Michael Avon Oeming's crime series is still in the game for a live action adaptation on FX. [Spinoff]

Movies: Japanese iPhone users will soon have access to a new Phoenix Wright game app promoting the Ace Attorney live action film, which opens in Japan on Feb 11. [ANN]

Gaming: A new Gotham City Impostors trailer demonstrates more of the shooter's gadgets at work. [SHH]

Toys: Ain't It Cool has a first look at Diamond Select's Marvel Select: The Avengers Movie Hawkeye figure. Looks Renner-riffic. [AICN]

Video: Doctor Who can be a tough show to sell to the uninitiated. Just show them this video instead. [Topless Robot]

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