Comedian Marc Maron has a super-popular podcast, WTF, and a television show about his life and named for him on IFC. The next step had to be comics, didn't it?

According to a post on the IFC Tumblr, Maron is teaming up with original The Walking Dead artist and Fear Agent co-creator Tony Moore to craft weekly, one-panel recaps of each episode of the Maron TV series. There are two so far, and they are a bit Mad magazine-like, in that they feature celebrity caricatures directly facing the reader. But hey, they look good.

Maron Twitter account Thursday in advance of the new episode:


Maron Tony Moore 2


Also, it's interesting that Maron and Moore are both credited on each comic. Does Maron script them, or is Moore just working off the episode? IFC's Tumbr states, "Every week, Tony Moore will be delivering one-panel recaps," which makes it sound more like the latter.

Either way, this is your chance to see Tony Moore drawing Marc Maron, Sarah Silverman (and presumably other famous comedians), podcasting equipment and cats. What's not to love?


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