We're hoping for great things for Marguerite Sauvage in 2015. Though she's a much sought-after and award-winning commercial illustrator, her love of comics shone through in her fashion-forward Wonder Woman short for Sensation Comics, and her style -- which she described in our profile of her last month as "feminine, modern, a little sexy, soft, light and joyful" -- is a welcome breath of fresh air.

One of Sauvage's great strengths is her grasp of character, and that's in evidence in her portrayal of the Warriors Three on this variant cover for next year's Thor Annual #1, unveiled exclusively here on ComicsAlliance. Volstagg and Hogun look alarmed by the appearance of this new Goddess of Thunder, but it's Fandral's no doubt reflexive attempt at a smolder that really wins the day -- and makes us excited to see how that meeting is going to play out.

Sauvage also contributes interior art for the annual, which boasts contributions from CM Punk, Rob Guillory, and Noelle Stevenson. In addition to providing covers and short stories for US publishers, Sauvage is currently working on a comic for pre-teens for a French publisher

Thor Annual #1 will be available online and in stores in February 2015.

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