Marvel's Cup o' Joe panel featured a slightly baffling video teaser. Over the course of a few short seconds, an orange and red logo appeared on-screen, burned away, and then was revealed to have a new design. Want to see the video? Check it after out after the jump.

While the crowd clearly had no idea what was going on, looking in on some recent comics history provides a big fat clue. In 1998, Mark Alessi founded Crossgen, a comic book publishing company based out of Florida. Alessi hired several superstar comics creators, including Butch Guice and Mark Waid, and published a comic universe that spanned several genres and time periods, but had strong connective tissue. After some troubles, Crossgen filed for bankruptcy in 2004.

Here's where it starts to make sense: Disney bought Crossgen's assets for one million bucks after the bankruptcy. Disney published a few volumes of JM DeMatteis and Mike Ploog's "Abadazad" as a series of mixed-format children's books. Checker Books printed several collections of Crossgen's series in 2006. Since 2008, however, news out of Crossgen has been scarce.Except now, right? It looks like Marvel, which was bought by Disney earlier this year, is going to be heading up the return of Crossgen in 2011. There were no details given on the panel, and no one even mentioned the name of the company or what form the return will take, like an imprint or a miniseries. Still, Crossgen had a few very solid series, like "Way of the Rat," "Sojourn," and "Route 666," so it will be interesting to see this revival next year, no matter what it looks like.

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