A few days back while I was browsing through the Toys "R" Us online store, I happened upon perhaps the mightiest assemblage of rideable rubber heroes a Marvel fan might ever hope to see. A company called Share The Fun has transformed Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor into "Hop Bounce Playpals." They're round, they're proud and they're for children 4-7. Scope out larger images after the cut.Seemingly modeled after Marvel's Super Hero Squad Show character designs, these cloth-skinned rubber balls and their arm handles give small enough people a chance to effectively get a piggy-back ride from their favorite hero. They're $25, though, which is more than twice as expensive as the less glamorous "Spider-Man Classic Hopper." Generic bounce toys are even cheaper, but what are you, D-Man? Provided you're too old to seem like anything other than a creep riding one of these (which is probably everyone reading this), they'd probably make for stylishly painful dodgeball projectiles.

See Share The Fun's Marvel Hop Bounce Playpals below:

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