Two weeks ago, Hasbro and Marvel announced the final four for this year's Marvel Legends fan's choice. After whittling down the field from holdovers from the Maximum Carnage era and Terror to legit contenders Typhoid Mary, Citizen V, White Rabbit and Songbird, fans were prompted to vote for their favorite to get an action figure.

Well, the votes have been tallied, and Songbird has been selected as the fan's choice winner in the 2016 Marvel Legends poll.

Songbird didn't just win, she practically obliterated the competition with more than 1200 votes (or "likes" rather, as the choices were selected by most trafficked Facebook pictures). Typhoid Mary followed in a distant second with 704 votes, Citizen V summoned up just 522 (including mine), and White Rabbit barely made a dent with 367 votes. How much of Songbird's success came from longtime Marvel Legends collectors eager to finally get the figure they were promised a few years ago isn't very clear, but the character has a fairly devoted fanbase that should be happy with the results no matter what.

Additionally, it's worth pointing out that the Marvel Legends fan vote has been running for four years, and each of those years, a female character has outright won the title. It all started with Captain Marvel, followed by Gamora (both in 3.75" form), then Angela last year and Songbird now. In a line that already does well to celebrate the diversity of Marvel's roster, it's still great to see the fans turn out to ensure even more female characters find their way from the page to the peg.

The figure we get won't just be the prototype Songbird that was previously teased either. Hasbro has already stated Songbird won't be seen at retail until 2018, which means the team is going back to the drawing board for an all-new design. That's a good thing, as the previous figure didn't exactly look all that promising to start with. The Marvel Legends team has come a long way in their design skills since then too, which means Songbird will get to take full advantage of all the new articulation techniques, and hopefully, some of that cool accessorization we've been seeing as of late.

Sadly the time just wasn't right for Citizen V, but I wouldn't put it past Hasbro to develop some more Thunderbolts down the line. Clearly the members of that secretly villainous team are on their minds. Typhoid Mary coming in second bodes well for the character too. While she didn't win, Hasbro does tend to use the fan vote as a way to find other characters to sprinkle in waves eventually. Last year, Angela smashed the competition, but Darkhawk is still getting a figure in 2017, so don't give up hope on Mary just yet Daredevil fans.


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