While the Marvel Digital: What's Next?! Comics...and Beyond! panel was largely concerned with familiarizing the audience with Marvel's wide-ranging digital presence, David Gabriel, Senior Vice President of Publishing for Marvel, quietly slipped a bombshell into the panel: Marvel's major titles will go same-day digital over the coming year, beginning with Amazing Spider-Man #666 and the Spider-Island titles next week.This year, two major franchises are going day-and-date digital: Spider-Man and the X-Men. Beginning next week with the Spider-Man family of titles -- including Rick Remender's Venom -- the titles will be available digitally the same day as their print counterparts. By the end of November, the X-Men titles will follow suit, beginning with Uncanny X-Men #1 and Wolverine & the X-Men #1.

Gabriel didn't mention if the satellite X-books, such as New Mutants or Generation Hope, will also be sold digitally the same day as print. He did, however, say that the switchover to day-and-date publishing will happen over time, rather than all at once. Instead of switching over the entire line in one fell swoop, Marvel will switch to simultaneous digital/print releases when new series start or new storylines begin. Essentially, Marvel wants to go same-day digital when there are clear and easy jumping on points for readers.

"As we progress toward The Avengers movie, you'll see more of the line going day and date," said Gabriel."

Gabriel did not discuss pricing, but it's reasonable to assume that the new day-and-date titles will be priced similarly to the ones available on comiXology and other outlets for full print retail price.

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