After three days of teaser images released by Marvel in support of their Marvel NOW! initiative, there's been quite a bit of anticipation as to what the next images would be. The first three have featured popular and respected creative teams attached to powerful adjectives that, we can all assume, are meant to represent Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk. So after Invincible, Worthy, and Indestructible, what would be next? Fantastic? Amazing? Uncanny? ...Chimichangas?

In a surprising and somewhat bold move, it looks like Marvel is turning to writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan to take over Deadpool in the fall, with art chores to be handled by Tony Moore.Posehn, best known for his role in The Sarah Silverman Show and a regular at comic conventions, previously collaborated with Duggan on The Last Christmas, a five-issue miniseries published by Image about a post-apocalyptic Santa Claus fighting Zombies in the North Pole, a premise that would easily fit into a Deadpool storyline.

Again, this is a surprising move for Marvel. Deadpool is currently one of their more popular characters, so entrusting the character with writers whose comic work is minimal is definitely a high risk/high reward kind of gamble. But Posehn is well liked among many comic fans, so this will definitely be a book that gets attention. And if Tony Moore is the artist working with the duo, they're in good hands. His style is well suited for the type of over-the-top stories that are normally associated with any Deadpool run.

And if they ask him to draw Deadpool fighting zombies in the snow, I don't think anyone will complain. Especially if they throw in a few chimichangas.

[Via IGN]

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