Well now we know what those "I Quit" promo images were all about. Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and Nova are quitting the Avengers, leaving the All-New All-Different team without so much of the new and different.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now know for sure that they're forming their own team along with Cyclops (the teenage version), Hulk (Amadeus Cho, that is) and Viv Vision (the daughter from Tom King's Vision book). And for once the team that splits off from the Avengers isn't called the Something Something Avengers. These young heroes are taking on a name Marvel hasn't used in decades, the Champions.

The original Champions were based in Los Angeles, but the cover to this book drives home how New York-based it will be. Which makes sense, with Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel also holding down solo books (and high school careers) set in the area. Unfortunaly it appears there was no room in the team for a third female hero, or for any of Marvel's LBGTQ teen heroes, but it is great to see a Marvel superteam with Korean-American, Pakistani-American, Latino and Afro-Latino heroes.

Mark Waid is the writer on Champions, with Humberto Ramos on art. It seems strange not to give a book like this to a younger creative team, but at least Waid and Ramos have experience with teenage superheroes. In the Entertainment Weekly interview, Mark Waid explains what he likes about writing teenagers, and why he feels Ramos is the perfect partner for the job:


Younger characters are just much more emotional. When you’re a kid, regardless of the age you grew up, everything is high opera. With hormones raging, you have to fight external and internal battles that you’ve never had to deal with before. Unlike Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, who have seen it all and been through it all, everything heightens the drama. I couldn’t have a better partner in crime in this than Humberto Ramos, with whom I did Impulse. If you need evidence that Humberto knows a little something about teenage superheroes, you don’t have to look very far. The two of us have a pretty unique handle on what makes teenage superheroes work. Again, it’s high emotion. No one in a Humberto panel, even if they’re in the background, no one is just standing there not doing anything. Somebody’s got their mouth wide enough to eat a banana sideways, and somebody else looks like they’re gonna explode from rage, and that’s just the way Humberto draws people. It’s awesome.


via Entertainment Weekly
via Entertainment Weekly


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