Earlier this month, the comic book blogosphere looked at the rumor that Capcom would be revisiting its "Marvel Vs. Capcom" franchise with a third, full-fledged installment and more or less celebrated despite a lack official confirmation (as fans are wont to do from time to time). Now, with the release of an official trailer and an unspecified spring release date across most consoles, it's time for fans to pop the proverbial champagne.

I'd seen a quasi-grainy YouTube vid over at Examiner, but couldn't let myself believe any hype until official word surfaced. I knew Marvel's Ryan Penagos had been at Capcom's Captivate event in Hawaii last week and teased that something cool was in the pipeline - but cautious optimism kept me from full-on celebrating until now.

The trailer shows Wolverine, Ryu, Morrigan, Iron Man, Chris Redfield and the Hulk duking it out in an urban environment, plus reveals silhouettes from both sides of the conflict that may or may not hint at cats like Deadpool making the character cut. Give the trailer a spin after the jump to see what you think.