It looks like Whiplash might finally look cool in comics after all. has new images of Whiplash's new duds care of artist Marko Djurdjevic, and the updated design definitely reflects Rourke's "Iron Man 2" look - most notably the glowing chest piece.

Whiplash has sported a number of looks over the years, most of them less-than-awesome. From a detrimental caped costume to a kinky leather ensemble, it seems the character's movie appearance may finally yield him some much-needed respect inside the pages of Marvel's upcoming "Iron Man Vs. Whiplash" four-issue miniseries.

Written by Brannon Bragga [Fox's "24"] & Marc Guggenheim with art by Phil Briones and covers by Brandon Peterson, the series promises an "all-new, all-different, all-deadly Whiplash."

Some might resent Marvel replacing the original Whiplash for the sake of a film, but I for one will welcome a potentially cooler version of the villain when issue number one drops in November.

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