Mattel's been showcasing scads of new Masters of the Universe figures, plus the tentative Castle Grayskull since NYCC, but it appears another toy company will also be contributing to a very Eternian-stocked 2013. Following an initial product image of its upcoming Pop Vinyl MotU figures, Funko has released hi-res images of 3.75" versions of He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor, Hordak and Spikor - all brandishing their signature weapons. An official release date for the figures has yet to be announced, but preorder sites will likely begin stocking the figures for around $10-12 before long. Of the five figures, Spikor seems a bit like the odd evil man out in the otherwise star-studded line. I mean, Spikor is neat and all, but surely Funko would rather release Pop Vinyl versions of Modulok and Multi-Bot?... please? You can see images of the upcoming Masters of the Universe Pop Vinyl figures from Funko after the jump.

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[Via Toy Ark]