Medicom's 1/6 scale Real Action Heroes line is set to expand in 2014 with a new take on Batman based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Adorned in the usual RAH fabric clothing, the upcoming action figure will include as-yet unrevealed optional hand pieces and a special figure stand. Presumably, it'll also come with weapons and accessories such as batarangs too.

Like Medicom's RAH Black Suit Version of Batman, the upcoming DKR version is currently going for around $170 on preorder sites online. If you're shopping based sheer number of pouches, this figure wins out. It's just got more pouches per dollar (PPD) than Medicom's other Batman models, man. Your figure shopping values may or may not be determined by utility belts, though...

You can see Medicom's upcoming RAH The Dark Knight Returns Batman figure in more detail below.



[Via TNI]