The end of Steve Orlando and ACO's Midnighter series with its twelfth issue signaled for many the death of DC You, the much beloved but ultimately doomed publishing initiative that also gave us the likes of Starfire and We Are Robin. Midnighter was crazy inventive, action-packed, and did not shy aware from its lead character's sexuality, but also avoided making it the only thing about him.

Now DC Comics has revealed that Orlando is returning to Midnighter, and bringing his on-again/off-again love interest Apollo along for the ride, in a new Midnighter & Apollo miniseries drawn by Fernando Blanco.

Announced today via the New York Times, Midnighter & Apollo will be a six issue miniseries debuting this October, following the reunited couple in new adventures around the DC Universe. In talking with the outlet, Steve Orlando said of the couple, "They have a firmer idea of who they are, and they’ve become stronger and more confident together" following the events of the Midnighter solo series. Details of what sort of threats the couple might face have not been revealed at this time.

Midnighter and Apollo's return to comics in a starring role is great news, as one of the big concerns about DC Rebirth was the lack of LGBT representation, with titles like Midnighter and Catwoman cancelled, leaving Harley Quinn and Constantine as the only queer characters leading their own titles.

Midnighter & Apollo by Steve Orlando and Fernando Blanco begins this October and will feature covers by ACO.


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