At this point, I've written enough about Walt Simonson, Laura Martin and John Workman's Ragnarok that I'm not really sure I have to go into it again, but I cannot stress enough that it's one of the most thrilling comics on the stands. The story of Thor --- the Norse god, not any other comic book characters of the same name that you might be thinking of when you hear the words "Walt Simonson" --- returning to life as a rotting but vengeance-driven warrior in a world that's already seen its apocalypse and forming an uneasy alliance with a dark elf assassin sent to finish him off for good is an epic in every sense of the word.

But on the off chance that just hearing the creative team doesn't sell you on the idea, you can read below for a preview where things continue to pick up, and Thor's alliance with Regn gives way to an agreement that one of them is more than likely going to kill the other, assuming they both survive for the next 40 pages.

Oh, and Mike Mignola provided the variant cover!



Seeing a Mignola variant these days is a pretty rare thing indeed, but the fact that it's on a Simonson comic means that there will likely be no better book for art that week. Or maybe ever.

Here's the official solicitation:


Ragnarök #8
Walter Simonson (w & a & c)
With his dead child behind him, and a thousand burning demons before, the Black Elf assassin, Regn, fights furiously alongside Thor, so that after the battle, he and he alone can kill the God of Thunder.
FC • 40 pages • $4.99
Bullet points:
·Continuing Walter Simonson’s masterpiece!
·Featuring a variant cover from the one and only Mike Mignola!