This weekend will see the second annual MondoCon take place in Austin, TX, and with that comes the debut of amazing exclusive vinyl soundtracks, prints, screenings, posters and teases from Mondo about its plans for the coming year and beyond. While there will be a heavy leaning towards film at MondoCon, there will be a smattering of comic and cartoon-related goodness on display, too. Jock will have his own panel, the 1989 Batman will get a special showing, and for the first time, Mondo's upcoming 1/6 scale He-Man figures will be on full display.

The He-Man figure announcement came at San Diego Comic-Con, but the showing of any assets was very hush-hush, meaning this weekend's event will be the first time the general public will have a chance to peek at the prototypes for He-Man and Skeletor in their new forms. In advance of their debut, Mondo teased the a bit of the preliminary design sketches to give fans an idea of what to expect from their particular take on the '80s cartoon characters.




As you can see, Mondo's interpretations are a bit more of a modernized take. They also incorporate a mix of different iterations of He-Man and Skeletor, and won't be as uniquely specific to a period of time like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures Mondo's already started offering. Though the art there won't translate 100% to the final figures, I really do like the target the team is working towards for Skeletor. The Z-brush version of He-Man's chest definitely looks appropriately over-muscular, too, but I'm curious to see the full prototype. Skeletor has a lot of cool liberties you can take with his base design, but He-Man's a rather plain dude, so this take is going to have to be really special to stand out among existing pieces.

Along with the figures being put on display, there will also be a special Masters of the Universe print available at the show. For whatever reason, the print is based on episode 101, "The Problem With Power," in which He-Man is tricked into thinking he killed an innocent bystander in a battle with Skeletor, but it turns out it was all a trick. I highly recommend checking out the Wikia entry for the episode though, as it's not just a recap, it's a verbal retelling of every single beat and breath of the episode. Anyway, the poster by Mike Saputo shows off familiar faces like He-Man/Prince Adam, Teela, Orko, Skeletor and General Tataran in a mystic green vision between the very pillars He-Man and Skeletor battle around in the episode.

There's no date, time or price available, but if you're at MondoCon, be sure to keep your eye out if you hope to snag one. Like everything the company produces, this piece is sure to go fast.