Mondo's been king of limited print and soundtrack game for years, but it's only recently that the Austin-based company has expanded its reach to the realm of figures and statues. For the last two San Diego Comic-Cons, Mondo's managed to surprise a lot of collectors with what its been able to accomplish in such a small timeframe. This year's new products were no exception, and once again showed Mondo knows what it's doing when curating limited collectibles.

One advantage Mondo has over other companies in this space is having a massive library of art from its print side of the company. Though there are plenty of original statues and figures coming from Mondo, new prints just might catch Brock Otterbacher's, Creative Director of Toys and Collectibles at Mondo, eye and inspire that arm of Mondo to craft a new piece. Such was the case for the Matt Taylor Harley Quinn print from SDCC 2014. The work so perfectly showed off Harley in a new way that was still right in line with her character.

The same is true of the statue, which is a terrific one-to-one of Taylor's print. The color palette works well, and Harley looks as innocent as ever even if she is quietly plotting out her next caper against Batman. "From the start we didn’t want to have her looking like her costume was spray painted on a nude body," Otterbacher said. "We wanted it to be a classy piece that looked like a person in a costume. We didn’t want it to be too male gaze-y. We wanted guys and girls to be able to enjoy it equally."

Francesco Francavilla's Red Rain Batman statue needed a little bit more finagling given the print's layout, but as you can see from the prototype product, he and Mondo found a great way to bring the vampiric Dark Knight to life. There are a lot of small touches in there that you won't have seen in the print version too, like Batman holding a skull in his hand and a coffin bursting from the muddy ground below.

The statues have the benefit of being fairly straightforward releases, but when it comes to the action figures, Otterbacher goes wild with what he can include. The new He-Man and Skeletor sixth-scale figures have loads of accessories, including alternate heads, hands and weapons, and a few things that weren't even at SDCC (but may be at MondoCon this fall). Mondo's Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 scale Batman will also feature a number of accessories, including new jawlines. It's almost so much, that you'll never be able to use it all when displaying them.

"Even though it is way more stuff than you can use, it gives you lots of option for the display," Otterbacher said. "We’ll have different mouths, heads and eye expressions, which has been done before, but I want to give people as many options as possible. If you want to just have him standing there, awesome. If you want to have him shooting his grappling gun, we’re going to give that to you. I think it’s very important, and knowing what this stuff costs, I understand the manufacturing side, I don’t mind taking a hit on our final price to give people more stuff with the product."

San Diego Comic-Con was but a small sampling of what's to come from Mondo, and this October's MondoCon will host even more new products and updates on previously announced items like the Castlevania statue. We can't say what's on tap, but from what we've heard, SDCC this year was just the tip of Mondo's planned awesomeness for the coming year.


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