Over the past few weeks, Mondo seems like it's been on a dedicated and very effective mission to separate me from as much of my money as it can, but finally, it's taken a break from the high-end Batman: The Animated Series posters that it's been putting up for sale at random times on Twitter. Now Mondo's just doing a super-amazing poster of Judge Death instead and... c'mon, Mondo. I only have so much to give.

The screenprinted poster by artist Florian Bertmer made its debut at Thought Bubble, and is limited to 225 of the regular edition and 125 of the variant, each of which will be hand-numbered, for $45 and $65, respectively.


Judge Death poster by Florian Bertmer


If you're not familiar with Judge Death - one of the best-designed villains in the history of comic books - he was created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland in 1980 as an interdimensional counterpart to Judge Dredd. While Dredd has a pretty hard-line stance on crime, Judge Death comes from a world where it was determined that since all crime was committed by the living, life itself must be a crime, leading him to kill off billions of people in various dimensions' Mega Cities One over the next 35 years. Eventually, he'd become the leader of a small army of unstoppable supernatural forces called the Dark Judges - including Judge Fear, who got punched in the face in one of the best panels ever - and remains one of Dredd's most compelling enemies.

As with the BTAS posters, Bertmer's Judge Death will be up for sale at a random time announced via Mondo's twitter feed tomorrow. And hey, it makes a dandy Christmas gift, for certain values of "dandy."

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