Over the past few years, Mondo has put on some pretty amazing showcases of pop-culture inspired art at their gallery in Austin, Texas, complete with limited prints featuring some of our favorite characters, and it looks like they'll be back at it again next month. On May 22, they're kicking off "Pulp Menagerie," a gallery show featuring the art of Tom Whalen, featuring some truly fantastic posters based on Godzilla, Batman, and Mad Monster Party.

Yes, Mad Monster Party: The cult favorite Rankin/Bass Halloween special featuring Boris Karloff as Boris von Frankenstein. And as you might expect from the image above, the new pieces are awesome.

Godzilla English version, limited to 125:



Batman (1940s Era), limited to 275:



And Mad Monster Party, limited to 250:


Click for full size


The red Japanese edition of the Godzilla poster will be limited to 250.

Should you find yourself down in Texas with a desire to see some pretty great art, "Pulp Menagerie" kicks off on May 22 and runs through June 6. The prints will, of course, be on sale at the gallery, but if Whalen's older pieces are any indication, they might not last through the end of the run --- I still feel the pain of missing out on his fantastic RoboCop and Army of Darkness posters, and have left my walls bare in mourning. Not getting that Sprang-inspired Batman is a fate too horrible to contemplate.

For more of Whalen's art, including pieces he's done for Disney, The Hobbit and more, check out his website, and for more information on the gallery show, head over to MondoTees.com.