The Portland-based creator collective Periscope Studios added some zest to their ranks recently with artist Natalie Nourigat. Her artwork contains the kind of smiley manga-infused figures Takeshi Miyazawa and David Hahn used to draw in Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, and her Wonder Woman and Black Canary both look like they could have crossed over into that lovely series. Best of all, she's even let her loves and interests take her into the exciting world of Fringe fan art.
Nourigat has her own page at the Periscope site, and she's got her own autobio comic "Between Gears," which is viewable on its Blogspot account. As for "Fringe," she's posted that paranormal eye candy in her deviantART gallery.

And yes, she can draw pugs sipping out of wine glasses, which goes a long way in impressing the pug lovers here at ComicsAlliance. Don't try doing that in real life, by the way.

But do check out her John Stewart and Olivia Dunham tributes below.

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