Fans got an eyeful of Surtur the fire giant and Ulik the rock troll in the initial Thor: God of Thunder videogame trailer, but giant monsters from some of the other of the Nine Realms weren't quite as well represented. Following a visit to the game's developer Liquid, however, has posted new screen captures depicting a crazy monster with a tank on its head and what could be the first movie-based image of the frost giant Ymir (or at least a high powered minion).Thor's frost giant foe definitely fits in with what little can be seen of his frobros in the first Thor movie trailer, and has armor and ice weapons similar to that of Hasbro's frost giant action figure based on the film, but it'd be kind of disappointing if it were Ymir. After all, Ymir's comic book self sports a mondo frosty beard atop a mondo frosty frown, making him look like a grumpy-but-loveable dad from the '70s.

The other monster, aside from kind of biting Arnim Zola's style, is a little less mysterious. He's huge and has a giant magical flamethrower or something on his head, but is probably a nameless (but very visually impressive) foe for Thor to smite.

See what you make of the two new Thor: God of Thunder screen shots below: