We've seen a number of previews for the upcoming Thor movie action figures from Hasbro and Diamond Select, but As revealed by CoolToyReview, Art Asylum's Minimates are probably the most Asgardorable pieces of movie merchandise from the film so far. Just look at that mini Mjolnir!The line includes figures of Thor, Loki, The Destroyer, Odin, Jane Foster, Agent Coulson, and a generic Frost Giant, although their configuration into 2-packs at retail isn't clear. Really any of them seem like a good pairing.

To date, Thor's had about half a dozen incarnations to his name and Loki's had two (both his male and female versions), but this line seems to give every other character their first minimate incarnations. It should be interesting to see how they mingle with previously released Iron Man and Hulk movie Minimates. Provided Captain America 'mates also hit this summer, the MinimAvengers could assemble before we know it.

Update: Single Packs featuring more frost giants are also on the way.

Check out the new Minimates below: