With Thor's May 6 release date drawing ever nearer, it's pretty safe to say that fans are in the eye of the promotional storm leading up to the film. Dr. Pepper's product placement in the Thor movie trailer and Acura's "Join S.H.I.E.L.D." program that's been present online and at recent conventions were early indicators that the brands would be bustling in the Thunder God's cinematic marketing efforts. Now, two new TV spots position both DP and Acura between Thor and the deadly Destroyer. The only real surprise is that Stan Lee is only in one of the two commercials. Check them both out after the jump.As far as marketing efforts go, Acura and DP seem to have stayed on the saner side of in-universe advertising. Seemingly indestructible cars and magical soda cans are actually pretty par for the course in superhero stories. Just be sure to read the fine print in both ads or risk the harmful effects of magical fire and/or lightning. We wouldn't want anyone melted by fictional weapons of Asgard.

See the two new Thor tie-in commercials below:

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