By nature of their size, it's hard to say that the 3 3/4 inch Marvel Universe action figures are more detailed than the deservedly praised Marvel Legends line, but the fact that they can stand shoulder to shoulder with my epic collection of old school G.I. Joes earns them plenty of brownie points.

Those brownie points have officially turned into a mega-awesome hot fudge brownie sundae with the reveal of the next wave of Marvel Universe action figures, which includes World War II editions of Captain America and Bucky. The twelve-year-old version of myself would be so psyched to play a lengthy game where Roadblock, Sci-Fi and Eco-Warrior Flint travel back in time to fight a joint Nazi-Cobra alliance alongside Steve and Bucky.

Bah, who am I kidding - I'll play that game as soon as these figures hit stands in 2010.

Also included in the lineup are Black Widow and Luke Cage, the latter of whom is a runner-up of Hasbro's recent contest where fans could decide which of their favorite characters should get the Marvel Universe action figure treatment.

The fifth and final figure in the assortment is the modern take on Thor, which is shockingly accurate to Olivier Coipel's rendition of the character. Very, very cool stuff.

[Via CoolToyReview]