Though it's effectively conquered nearly every one of the million merchandising realms, Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft will finally enter the brick toy fray this summer with a full line of building sets from Mega Bloks. The MMORPG's most famous character types and beasts are present and accounted for in the line, with Alliance elves and humans on one side and Horde trolls, goblins and more on the other. Sets vary in size, ranging from single character packs to vehicle sets and larger environments. Even if you aren't a WoW addict, general fantasy fans will dig the "Deathwing's Stromwind Assault" set -- you know, for including an evil dragon and a huge castle full of crazy warriors with armor and weapons. I'm also pretty fond of the "Sindragosa & the Lich King" set for likewise honing in on what makes the icy pair so threatening. From what I can tell, the line doesn't currently include any female WoW characters (unless you count Wyrms), which is a bummer since women make up much of the game's fanbase and a lot of male players choose female avatars, but perhaps more will be added as the line progresses? See some of the upcoming World of Warcraft Mega Bloks sets after the jump.

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