Jeff Lemire is a writer who can balance working on sensitive and thought provoking creator owned work such as Trillium and Descender with working on some of the biggest franchises in mainstream superhero comics. While at Marvel Comics he currently writes Extraordinary X-Men and Moon Knight, he had a lengthy stint at DC Comics recently, and Comixology has assembled those runs into a neat little sale.

The real highlight of the sale for me is his killer run on Superboy alongside artist Pier Gallo, which spun out of Geoff Johns' brief run on Adventure Comics. Lemire and Gallo's Superboy featured Kon-El back living in Smallville following his resurrection, and mixes in the small town subtlety of Lemire's own Essex County with bombastic Superman-style action.

Speaking of Adventure Comics, you can also grab Lemire and Mahmud Asrar's six issue story featuring The Atom, which ran as a second feature alongside a Legion of Superheroes main story. There's also Batman/Superman #10 by Lemire and Karl Kerschl, which features Superman and The Atom shrinking down to save Batman from the inside.




If you're after a run you can really sink your teeth into, you can't go wrong with Animal Man, which featured Travel Foreman and Steve Pugh on art, and redefined the character for the 21st century. It seemed like no-one would ever be able to touch the classic Grant Morrison and Chas Troug run with the character from the '80s, but Lemire and company approached the comic as a straight-up horror title with links to Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette's Swamp Thing, and it's one of the most gripping and unsettling superhero comics of the past five years.

Elsewhere in the sale, you might pick up Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE, Justice League Unitedor even the one-shot National Comics: Eternity story starring Kid Eternity. It's probably best to avoid Futures End though; despite a host of great creators, that story didn't turn out so hot.

Comixology's Jeff Lemire sale ends on August 22nd at 11pm EST, or at local time for select locations.

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