If you happen to find a shortage of hugs and kisses in your comic book stack this week, look no further than the group portraits of deviantART user Pe-u to fill in the gaps. Brazilians are well known across the world for embracing love and affection, and Pe-u lives up to that reputation with some manga-infused pieces inspired by Neil Gaiman's Sandman, the X-Men and the Teen Titans.

The real accomplishment in paint-slinging from this portfolio comes in a tribute to "The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli, which features a nearly-naked Batman and a portly fellow who may be Superman gazing upon Wonder Woman as she tries to stay warm in nothing but her tiara.

Witness all the smooches as they get passed around among mutants, heroes and our favorite "Chrono Trigger" cast members after the jump. Look carefully enough, and you'll even see some scandalous PDA between Chun-Li and Zangief.

[Via Neatorama]