There are, perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of comic book fans among the roster of professional wrestlers, but very few have worn their fandom on their sleeve as much as "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. And I mean that literally -- there was a stretch there where he was only appearing on television in Marvel-themed shirts, and he once flipped through an issue of Amazing Spider-Man while keeping his opponent locked in the dreaded Figure-Four.

Now, Daniels is taking the next step. As revealed on the Let's Talk Comics podcast, he's not only appearing in a comic alongside his tag team partner Frankie Kazarian, but he's writing it, too: Christopher Daniels And Kazarian Wrestling Aw Yeah Comics! is on its way soon, debuting on Comixology with a script by Daniels and art by former Tiny Titans artist Art Baltazar.

Released as part of Baltazar and Franco's Aw Yeah Comics! line, the story follows Daniels and Kazarian (collectively known as Bad Influence, the former TNA Tag Team Champions), as they drop into the world of Aw Yeah Comics! and end up in a tag team match against Action Cat and Adventure Bug. Here's a preview, also revealed by LTC:







If you're wondering about the Appletini thing, then you really just need to watch more wrestling. That time that Daniels cut off an evil supervillain laugh by opening a locker, pulling out an appletini in a glass and then casually shutting it like that's what you're supposed to find in a locker is my favorite thing that happened in wrestling that year.

For more, listen to Daniels on the Let's Talk Comics podcast.