Making deliveries isn't always a cakewalk. Between point A and B, a lot of uncontrolled variables can keep a package from its destination. If you're one of those variables in Rafael Grampá's upcoming "Mesmo Delivery," then may the comic book gods have mercy on your inky soul.

At the behest of Sangrecco, a former Elvis impersonator, a boxer called Rufo pilots the Mesmo Delivery truck across America to deliver a mysterious package. During a routine truck stop visit, the surly driver is confronted by fight-craving booze hound with a prosthetic fist, leading to a righteous comic book brawl for the ages.

And that's just the first ten pages.

The collected edition includes an extended sketchbook section by Grampá, plus pinups from Eduardo Risso, Mike Allred, Craig Thompson and Gabriel Bá.

Though originally solicited for a March release, the book's been bumped up to a February 3 street date. I don't know if it's because the copies traveled in the Mesmo Delivery truck itself or what, but I won't ask too many questions unless my copy has unexpected blood stains.

Check out some preview pages after the jump...