In honor of this Thursday's (remember: comics ship a day later this week following Labor Day) Marvel Bromance-that-isn't-a-bromance-anymore collection AND our list that celebrates comic book compadres, we sought out a vintage moment of super-powered brotherly love.

Such a moment is profoundly personified in this 1978 Mego toy commercial that teamed up Spider-Man with the Incredible Hulk to clear a backyard avalanche.

After demonstrating their impressive power sets, Spidey and Hulk partner up to tow a fallen log. The Hulk is then congratulated by the empathetic Peter Parker for his commitment to building a better tomorrow for his friends and neighbors...well, more or less.

After the jump, be sure to watch to the very end for the quote that sums up the entire bromance phenomenon.

If this didn't make your day, then nothing will.