Since its debut in 2005, the Marvel Zombies franchise has spawned a line of crossovers and sequels of shambling, undead success.

While most fans are content to wait for new installments (the series is currently in its fourth major storyline), YouTube user Whoiseyevan took the concept to a whole new level reimagining Marvel's 1966 animated shorts in zombiefied detail with an undead Captain America decapitating Nazis with his mighty shield and Thor littering Asgard's Rainbow Bridge with the corpses of the Warriors Three.

The creator explains it all in the YouTube listing:

"I am a big fan of the Marvel Zombies books and the covers done by artist Arthur Suydam. In creating this fan art/trailer, I wanted to capture the same irreverent-retro concept used for the covers and somehow extend it to animation. The 1966 Marvel Cartoons presented the perfect canvass... and I found the perfect clips on YouTube."

Check them out after the jump...

Yeah, that's pretty much an improvement if you ask me.

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