Last week Marvel's January solicitations revealed that Wade Wilson fans will soon have more to love. "Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth" #7 by Victor Gischler will feature a pretty impressive roster of artists including DP creator Rob Liefeld, Kyle Baker, Das Pastoras and Bong Dazo, with a cover by Arthur Suydam, is going to shake things up by tossing in several new Mercs With Mouths.

Now, I've been known to casually decry needlessly expanding hero "families" in the past, but the upcoming "Deadpool Corps" (which includes four other Deadpools) sort of gets a free pass due to the fact that DP is currently Marvel's finest source of self-parody.Let's all have a look at Marvel's official synopsis of what's to come, shall we?

What do you do with a homesick zombie head? Take it back to the zombie universe, of course! Hopping through an interdimensional portal in the Florida swamp with Headpool tucked under his arm, Deadpool soon finds himself bouncing through a series of outlandish alternate realities, each more warped than the last. Wade Wilson, say hello to Major Deadpool, the Deadpool Kid and – va-va-voom – Lady Deadpool.

Come January DP will have himself three monthly titles, are his spin-off concepts pushing even his unnatural healing factor? All I really know for sure is I'll be reading to find out.