Marvel's Deadpool is so insanely popular he got his own team book full of other Deadpools. That's a real thing that happened. One of those Deadpools just so happened to be his female incarnation from another dimension, Wanda Wilson. She's got all the abilities and powers of the standard 616 universe's Deadpool, minus the horrible recurring cancer (hers was completely healed). As such, she's actually not a scarred mess under the mask. She boldly sacrificed herself to save the universe from Galactipool, who was part of a massive evil Deadpool invasion of sorts. Now her memory can live on thanks to Kotobukiya and its bishoujo line.

Desinged by Shunya Yamashita, the Lady Deadpool bishoujo statue is poised as if to ask, "Who's got two thumbs, a penchant for chimichangas, and a grenade ready to drop down your trousers?" There are two head sculpts included to offer you a masked and unmasked look for the unbalanced heroine. The masked sculpt includes an incredibly and impossibly long blonde ponytail, which is an unfortunate hallmark of co-creator Rob Liefeld's design. I say it's impossibly long because underneath that mask she's got a very short haircut.

The unmasked head sculpt looks fine and fits in with the bishoujo aesthetic established for the rest of the line well enough. The problem with an unmasked Lady Deadpool is that she's better known for her actual mask, and the face beneath isn't exactly all that interesting or special. That's not really a fault of Kotobukiya's, but as a result she looks fairly generic. The real problem issues with this sculpt come from the body, which is so disproportionate it's distracting.

I mean, look at that upper body. Go ahead. The area from her breasts to her hips is stretched beyond belief, and there's so much extra body beneath her ribs that it's entirely possible she may have some serious medical issues. Oddly enough, the complete body looks rather proportional, but man, that abdomen is just ruining the illusion for me. Koto had actually been doing some nice work with its recent release schedule, and it's a bit sad to see a step back in the overall quality.

The Lady Deadpool bishoujo is available for pre-order now from Kotobukiya for $74.99, which is a bit more than previous statues in this format. Perhaps it has to do with all that extra hair.


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