Following up on its Sarah Palin Rogue Warrior comic, Antarctic Press has released solicitation information for a new parodical comic book, Sarah Palin vs. the World. In a kind of double-whammy of exploitation, Sarah Palin Vs. the World is obviously created in the style of Bryan Lee O'Malley's ascendent Scott Pilgrim franchise, and depicts the controversial ex-Governor and ex-Vice Presidential candidate on a mission to attain her "dream job."

What that job is we cannot say, especially given the fact that she's quit one already. Fox News pundit? Reality television star? Mother of a dance show competitor? What obstacles will the plucky Tea Party icon overcome on her way to this nebulous job? Journalists with questions? Harsh Saks Fifth Avenue return policies? Wolves?

The rest of the solicitation info follows:

Sarah Palin vs. The World One-Shot
Publisher Antarctic Press

Writer Ben Dunn

Artist Ben Dunn

CoverArtist Ben Dunn

Format Comic Book

Release Date 01-26-2011

Sarah Palin - politician, author, commentator... maverick. She's on the way to meet her dream job. But to get it, she's got to defeat some of the nastiest opponents in the country. From career politicos to gotcha media men to secret service agents, they all want some control of her dream. Has she got what it takes to beat the world? You betcha!