In the world of Screamland, Hollywood isn't always kind to its movie monsters. It's cheaper to create a CGI beast than to nourish prima donnas with fangs and fur, after all. So when an invisible b-movie legend is found quite visibly murdered at a fantasy convention, it's up to his equally freaky (and washed-up) friends in attendance to solve the case in July's Screamland #2. Among those friends are a Wolfman, an aging former starship engineer and a pulsing mass of sentient goo. Can you guess which one(s) didn't do well in the adult film industry? Learn more about new SL character The Mass in our exclusive preview of Screamland #2 after the jump.Co-written byHarold Sipe and Christopher Sebela with interiors by Lee Leslie and colors by Buster Moody, Screamland #2 features a cover by Hector Casanova along with a back-up story by Dennis Culver.

Originally a five-issue miniseries by Sipe and Casanova, Screamland returned this month as an ongoing at Image. New series artist Leslie has contributed a suitably cartoony punch to the title, resulting in a book that evokes the aesthetic of a late night animated series. Unlike most TV-14+ shows, though, it has a solid plot to enrich its humor.

From Image's official solicitation copy:

Part Two In the midst of FantasyScapeCon, Invisible Man has been murdered and the monster orgy film 'Phantasmagorgya' is missing. Wolfman Carl and has-been Travis have to track down The Midnight Slasher and amorphous alien The Mass to stop this cinematic time bomb from blowing up in everyone's face.

Check out the cover and introduction, plus pages 12-14 of Screamland #2 below:

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