As a rallying cry, you would be hard-pressed to do better than "Avengers Assemble!" It's nearly perfect, and even when you know it's coming in a comic story, those two words still manage to make you sit up straight. Using the signature call as an inspiration point for its latest statue series, Sideshow Collectibles is bringing together a quartet of the original Avengers. Things kicked off with Iron Man, but now Captain America too has joined the fight.

Where the Iron Man design was a bit more classic, the inspiration for Captain America is a bit more current. The ringed mail, more modern boots, and slimline cowl give him a Marvel Now! look, though to be fair, Captain America hasn't changed the star and stripes that much over the years. The classic uniform design is just so strong, it still holds up, even with some minor tweaking some 75 years later.  There is a more traditional winged cowl included in the Sideshow exclusive version of the statue, but both portraits look good on the finished piece.

The action pose captures Cap's strength and commanding presence well enough, and standing side by side with Sideshow's Iron Man you get that feeling from Steve Rogers. There's a lot of great detail throughout, starting with the head sculpt on down. Rendering each and every bit of mail adds some realism to the statue, but that leather belt looks so authentic, you'd swear it was real and not sculpted. I wish Cap's empty arm had been posed in a calling pose, as if he was rallying the rest of the team given the collection's title, but it's not a deal breaker. Particularly if you just want the Cap on his own, and don't want to drop another $1000+ on the other three statues.

The Avengers Assemble Captain America statue is available for pre-order now for $360.00, and is expected to arrive in Q4 2017.