Growing up, my knowledge of Killer Croc came exclusively from Batman: The Animated Series. Even today, that version of the character, more human than monster, stands as the one true Croc in my head. He's gone through a number of revisions in the comics, some more reptilian than others, but none have ever struck the same chord of balance between Croc's humanity and his animalistic side. Sideshow Collectibles' latest premium format figure does just that.

We got a tease of the Killer Croc statue at San Diego Comic-Con, but this finished prototype of Batman's sewer-dwelling rogue is a fantastic work of art. Not only does it capture the monstrous elements quite well, it also has a bit of that outcast quality that makes Croc a somewhat sympathetic character.

There's a lot to like about the statue, but it mostly boils down to the fantastic sculpt Croc's been given. The detailing on all his scales is impressive, and the paint app gives those elements a nice, slimy sheen without verging too far into being gross. Sideshow's talented team of creators have always had a deft hand in making the more surreal elements of these characters feel grounded, and that's definitely true here.

The posturing and the base tell a story as well, and you get the idea that Croc is a threat but only once threatened himself. The rat on the path isn't in harms way as it poses no viable danger to Croc. Whoever he's staring at across the narrow sewer though had best be wary. Though he's hulking over, you can see the musculature the body ready to spring into action when necessary. Much like an actual crocodile, Waylon Jones here is patient enough to wait for a moment to strike.

The base gets some great sculpting too, using some translucent elements to give the impression of water splashing. Sideshow's been using this tactic for a bit in other areas, but it works to great effect here. It gives some life and action to the piece, giving it depth it would otherwise miss were the base a cold slab beneath Croc's feet.

The Sideshow-exclusive version will also include a more crocodilian head sculpt to swap out, if you happen to like your Killer Croc looking more like Leatherhead than a Batman character.

The Killer Croc Premium Format Figure is available for pre-order now for $519.99, and is expected to arrive in the third quarter of 2017.