You know, the biggest problem I have with Sideshow Collectibles' Masters of the Universe statues is that they tease a world of Eternia interpreted by Stjepan Sejic that we'll never get to see in any other form. That we get such fantastically re-imagined characters at all is certainly nice, but the price of entry for these is a bit too rich for my blood, and likely many others' too. I know we can pick up those Mattel Masters of the Universe figures that bring modern toy design sensibilities to the series, but man, these statues have a style that makes me actually give a damn about MOTU.

Evil-Lyn is the third, and possibly final (#questionmark), entry in the set. He-Man and Skeletor were both first shown at San Diego Comic-Con last year, and it wasn't until Sideshow hinted at Evil-Lyn's presence over the holidays that we even knew there was more to the line than the big two rivals. It was pleasant surprise though, as seeing the evil sorceress brought to life in this new form finally gives her the presence she's rightfully deserved since the '80s.

Smartly, the number one thing the statue does is streamline the old headdress Evil-Lyn is known for wearing. The original, while certainly memorable, isn't exactly a shining beacon for great costuming. This new helm looks appropriately mystical but also legitimately functional. I can't imagine how annoying it must have been to walk sideways through every door in Snake Mountain just so she could fit.

Going with the black and silver style for the ensemble has been done before, but who could blame Sideshow and Sejic for going in that direction again? That old blue and blue outfit was just boring. This has a little bit of a classier edge, and the cape attached to her bracers adds a bit of grace to what's basically a one-piece bathing suit and thigh-high boots. Again, this is another statue that does well with Sejic's experience in fantasy art from books like Ravine and Rat Queens. It also looks like something Ally would totally wear in Moonstone Gate.

The Masters of the Universe Evil-Lyn statue will be available for pre-order starting this Thursday for $439.99. The Sideshow exclusive version will also include a separate miniature of Screeech to accompany Evil-Lyn.


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