You can't walk into a comic shop without tripping over one of Deadpool's comics. Whether he's the star, the guest-star, the co-star, the shooting star, or on the cover of Star Magazine, Deadpool is kind of a big deal. To be fair, if Deadpool didn't move the needle, he wouldn't be in a hojillion books at once. He also wouldn't get cool action figures if he was a total dork-o. Fortunately for him, and now possibly you, that's not the case.

Yes, we're having another one of our bursts of generosity, and you could be the sole benefactor. This time, we're giving away one of Sideshow Collectibles' tip-top Deadpool figures, and you won't even have to break any walls for a chance to win.


Sideshow Collectibles
Sideshow Collectibles


As you may recall, we reviewed this stupendous sixth-scale figure not too long ago. It was so good, we couldn't quite keep it to ourselves. So now we're passing on those savings to you! What could be a better deal than "Free Toy!"? Free Deadpool toy, that's what.

Included in this set is everything pictured above from the standard release of the Deadpool figure. You'll have knives, swords, guns, more guns, bigger guns, hands, more hands, grenades, a few more hands even, two heads --- which are better than one --- and a bunch of catchphrases you can employ to your hearts content. This figure has everything that makes Deadpool the mouthiest mercenary this side of the Rio Grande. And it could all be yours!