Fans of swashbuckling Japanese space drama are in for a pretty solid set of big screen releases over the next two years. Yesterday we got a look at "Space Battleship Yamato's" live action trailer, while today brings anime fans their first look at the CG animated "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" trailer.

Captured by a fan attending the 2010 Tokyo Anime Fair back in March, this trailer demonstrates a pretty dark take on Leiji Matsumoto's original 1977 manga and Harlock's later anime incarnations through the '80s, '90s and '00s and matches up pretty perfectly with promotional images that surfaced earlier this year.

While the trailer's been shown at a few events, including the Kawaii Kon back in April in Hawaii, it took Toysrevil's eagle eyes to get it in front of me. As dark as the fan recording is, so far the level of action and overall design of the 2012 film seems pretty on track.

See the trailer and judge for yourself after the jump.

[Via Toysrevil]

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