I'm not one to generate a feud between Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans -- there's too much overlap, man -- but when it comes to brick toys, SW has Trek horribly outclassed. Leave it to mondo Trek fan Christer Nyberg to do his part to correct this disparity by amassing between 10-15,000 Lego bricks and building Khan's (stolen) USS Reliant ride from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. This massive testament to Lego-ry may not change the sad fact that there are no official Trek Lego sets, but it's light-up features, working cargo bay and other awesome touches will help us all envision a better tomorrow where such things are possible. May we all awaken to find such splendor in 2267 after being revived from criminal imprisonment!From Eurobricks:

In late 2010 I decided to combine my two geek loves, LEGO and Star Trek. There is not a lot of good Star Trek MOCs on the net, there's some really cool micro-scale stuff but not much in the large category. I realised quickly that it would be impossible to contruct a large scale USS Enterprise using pure LEGO, so I had to look for another ship. The USS Reliant from Wrath of Khan is much more compact and less spindly, so it seemed a suitable candidate. Many bricklink orders and bricks later (and over a year of prototyping and building) here she is! I have not counted the pieces (my sanity is grateful!) but I would estimate somewhere in the 10-15k range.

Check out a few of Nyberg's shots of his Lego USS Reliant below: