Clowns are good for a lot of things: Making brave children laugh, speaking on behalf of hamburger empires, saving bull riders -- all kinds of jazz. Still, given their varying codes of pantomimage, it never occurred to me that a clown could ever share my love of comic books.That's where the balloon-sculpting Ronzo comes in. The professional clown's been making Internet magic happen since at least 2008, teaching Marvel movie enthusiasts the magic of the Avengers in anticipation of the franchise's pending 2012 cinematic team up.

Ronzo's kept things classic, sculpting iconic Avengers like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor, sometimes dressed as a cigar-chomping clown Nick Fury. And even though I have a history of coulrophobia these balloon versions of Earth's Mightiest Heroes help to ease my impression of the entertainers.

And all jokes about clown college aside, Ronzo's laid-back teaching skills are as impressive as his balloon craft, making for tutorials I'm actually tempted to follow along with at home. Now I just have to convince myself to buy some balloons.

Check out his videos after the jump.Ronzo As Nick Fury:

Iron Man Tutorial:

Thor Tutorial:

Captain America Tutorial:

Hulk Tutorial:

Elsewhere on the web:

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