Funko Reveals ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Pop Vinyl Figures
Mattel's been showcasing scads of new Masters of the Universe figures, plus the tentative Castle Grayskull since NYCC, but it appears another toy company will also be contributing to a very Eternian-stocked 2013. Following an initial product image of its upcoming Pop Vinyl MotU figures, Funko has released hi-res images of 3...
Gerald Parel Pencils Smoldering Superheroine Pin-Ups And The Masters Of The Universe [Art]
Gerald Parel is probably best known for his luminous and complex Marvel covers, but when he puts pencil to paper, he often comes up with rather striking drawings of the likes of Hellcat, Wonder Woman and Zatanna. A little bit cheesecake and a lot of the girl next door, Parel's drawings emphasize how the costumes stretch and wrinkle over his subjects' carefully rendered anatomies, and their expres

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