Link Ink: Hot Toys Loki, ‘One Piece’ Stamps and a Gundam Happy Meal
Toys: It appears Loki will join the heroes of The Avengers movie in Hot Toys' 1/6 scale figure line. Postage: Soon Japanese One Piece fans will be able to send mail via Tony Tony Chopper stamps. Donations: The Hero Initiative has received about $1,100 in donations related to The Avengers movie so far, though more fans may be donating an amount to match the cost of their movie tickets this week..
‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ HappyMeal Toys on the Horizon
Even though the live action Green Lantern movie wasn't necessarily everyone's favorite, Hal Jordan has nonetheless been in need of some serious kids' meal toy redemption since last summer's GL movie tote bag offerings from Subway. Fast food joint frequenting fans should be pleased to find out that McDonald's will be answering the call in its next HappyMeal, with an assortment of toys based on Cart
Link Ink: New ‘Doctor Who’ Companion Image, More ‘Clerks’ Cartoon and a Museum Goes ‘MAD’
TV: BBC America has posted the first official photo of actress Jenna-Louise Coleman in her role as the next (but still unnamed) Doctor Who companion set to debut this Christmas. From what I can tell, she seems to like sweaters. Museums: The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco will host an exhibit of rare MAD Magazine art from Harvey Kurtzman, Sergio Aragones, Dave Berg, Tom Richmond, Sam Viviano,
McDonald’s Rolls Out ‘Young Justice’ Happy Meal Toys
If you've watched much of Cartoon Network's new Young Justice animated series, you're likely aware of the teen team's covert ops under the pseudo supervision of their world's Justice League. It's was one thing to accept that the big guns are willing to send minors on deadly secret missions, but now I'm worried that playing in the dirt has gotten the kids dirty...
‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ HappyMeal Toys on the Way at McDonalds
In what can only be a complete cosmic confluence of comic book love, McDonalds is following up last month's Marvel Heroes line of HappyMeal toys with eight all-new toys culled from DC's animated "Batman: The Brave and the Bold." The line will include mini action figures of Batman, Blue Beetle, the Joker, Plastic Man, Aquaman and Green Arrow, plus vehicles like the Batmobile and Black Man
McDonald’s Marvel Heroes Happy Meal Toys Coming Soon
Spider-Man is no stranger to McDonald's Happy Meals. He brought a few of his amazing friends along, however, for the fast food chain's new lineup of Marvel Heroes toys. The roster of miniature figures stuck with a core group of recognizable faces that have already shown up in movies, so everyone hoping to get a Luke Cage with removable tiara will just have to remain patient...
McDonald’s Ten Most Superheroic Happy Meals
Since the invention of the Happy Meal in 1979, McDonalds and its kids meal-packing competition have released countless licensed toys. As the most coveted collectible meal, however, McDonald's Happy Meals have seen an abundance of top-tier superhero brands in their boxes and bags over the years...

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