Good news, everyone; Telltale Games is developing a Batman episodic series in conjunction with DC Comics and WB Interactive. If you thought the only way you'd get a new Batman game was from Rocksteady or WB Montreal, you were wrong. How Batman will translate to Telltale's trademark adventure game style remains to be seen, but I'm already salivating over the idea of a procedural-style game to put me smack in the middle of Batman's affairs.

The announcement trailer shown at the 2015 Game Awards didn't have much gameplay, but it certainly set the mood for the vibe Telltale was aiming for with its upcoming Batman game. The footage featured heavy, black ink pouring over penciled images that became fully realized when filled in. Noir-inspired imagery like handguns, money, bullet-riddled windows and dark city skylines were met with quick flashes of the bachelor Bruce Wayne, and all culminated in a reveal of the thick batsymbol above.

According to Telltale, its Batman game will put you in the shoes of Bruce Wayne and let you deal with the duality of his nature. There's no indication where or when in the Batman timeline this game will take place, and the teaser doesn't help much in that regard. The only time we see Bruce, he's cavorting about town as a rich bachelor, which could basically be from any time in his life in Gotham. The voice overs at least intimate that the city is in disarray and that Batman does exist in some form, though it's ambiguous about just how long he's been patrolling the streets.

After the action-packed adventures in the Batman: Arkham series, it will be a nice change of pace to see a more measured approach to the Dark Knight. Telltale's games do feature action to a degree, but nothing on par with what we've been used to from the likes of Rocksteady or WB Montreal. That said, something along the lines of The Wolf Among Us, which focused heavily on the detective side of Bigby's responsibilities in Fabletown, would fit in line quite well with Batman's mythos. Too often we forget he's one of the world's greatest detectives, and not just a one-man ass-kicking machine who's smarter than everyone else in the room and the two adjacent rooms to boot.

Telltale also has an agreement in place to develop episodic adventures for Marvel (though not until 2017), and already does The Walking Dead with Image, which means it's clearly only a matter of time until X-O Manowar and Hellboy get their shots. There's no release window in sight, but we'll learn more about Telltale's Batman game in 2016.

You can now check out the full trailer below:


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