For those tired of squinting at last week's UK Toy Fair images of The Avengers quinjet toy, Canada's Toys"R"Us site has got you covered. New preorder images give a much clearer look at both boxed and unboxed images of Hasbro's take on the Avengers' signature movie ride, plus 3.75" figures of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Ultimate versions of Thor and Hawkeye based on their comic designs. Sadly, there's not a bigger image of the 3-foot-long S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier toy yet, but these new images will just have to do for now. The toys are tentatively scheduled to ship at the end of February and the New York Toy Fair is just a few weeks away, so fans can probably count on seeing much, much more of The Avengers toy line soon. Check out the quinjet and new action figure images after the jump.

The Avengers Quinjet

3.75" Sword Spike Thor

3.75" Rocket Grenade Captain America

3.75" Heavy Artillery Iron Man

3.75" Marvel's Hawkeye (Ultimate Hawkeye)

3.75" Battle Hammer Thor (Ultimate Thor)