Hot Toys is usually associated with its famous 1/6 scale figures, which translate the likenesses of famous movie characters (among other subjects) into hyperrealistic toys that stand around a foot or so tall. In some cases, however, HT will go the extra mile (or, in this case, extra 6 inches) and release an even bigger version of its most in-demand characters. This time around, it's Batman from The Dark Knight Rises. The 1/4 scale figure is essentially a super-sized, more detailed version of its 1/6 scale counterpart and features interchangeable hands, swappable facial expressions, moveable eyes, tons of weapons, a TDKR stand and a fabric costume. It also comes with the removed masks of the central villains from each film in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, which fits with Batman's trophy mentality in the Batcave (in the comics, at least). HT is yet to let loose the toy's pricing and availability info, but those details are likely to be revealed soon. You can take a look at the 1/4 scale The Dark Knight Rises Batman figure form Hot Toys after the jump.

*Note: Hot Toys has yet to reveal higher-res versions of the following smaller images, but we'll pop up bigger images as they become available - Images are now updated!

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