Ever since the "I Am An Avenger" promos hit from Marvel a few days ago, fans have been wondering which characters were giong to make the team in the all-new Heroic Age "Avengers" lineup. With the announcement of Ed Brubaker's "Secret Avengers, though, Marvel added a new twist: silhouettes of characters with cryptic quotes.

So far, they've done a good job of keeping these "Secret Avengers" secret, but through our usual shady operations, we here at ComicsAlliance were able to get our hands on a stack of unreleased promos, which we now bring to you!

Spoiler-conscious readers may want to watch out, because these (allegedly) 100% real items might just tip you off to the entire roster!

Around this time, things started to get a little strange, but we've got to applaud Marvel for thinking outside the box on their newest team:

We've got to admit, though... we don't think a lot of hardcore Marvel readers are going to be happy with the new team leader:

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