Marvel recently announced that this September will see an all-new Thor mini-series, "For Asgard," from writer Robert Rodi and artist Simone Bianchi:

This is pretty awesome news for Thor fans: Rodi was the writer who, along with artist Esad Ribic, was responsible for "Loki," the sleeper hit mini-series from 2004 that was easily one of the best portrayals of Marvel's Asdardians in recent history. I'm amazed it's taken this long for him to get a follow-up, but I'm really interested to see what he's going to do.

Especially since Simone Bianchi's art is totally metal.

Which, really, is a pretty necessary element when you're working with Thor -- the guy is, after all, equal parts Jack Kirby and Led Zeppelin III. So crank up the Slayer and get ready, we've got the art after the jump!

Judigng by Thor's belt, we can assume that he either won the Jotunheim Heavyweight Championship at Asgard's version of WrestleMania, or that he is sporting an accessory bequeathed to him by the late, lamented Ronnie James Dio.

I don't want to step on David Uzumeri's toes as CA's resident annotator, but I am pretty sure that is Skeletor's sword.

Thank Odin we're not living in a world where Arnold Schwarzenegger is playing Thor, or else this scene would be accompanied by "Let me AXE you a question!" or "You have a problem? Let's HATCHET out!"

For Thor, Hammer Time is not a time for dancing from side to side. It is a time for stern reflection.

"Thor: For Asgard" hits shelves this September with a parental advisory warning (presumably because it will be a book about hitting people with hammers) and a cover price of $3.99!

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