While Thor and his fellow Asgardians have nine realms to traverse in Marvel Comics lore, the videogame tie-in to the thunder god's May 6 film debut, Thor: God of Thunder will inhabit only seven console realms now that the game's PSP version has been canceled. On the bright side, MCV reports that not only will the initially-planned-for-PSP port slide over to Nintendo's upcoming 3DS handheld, all versions of the game will now arrive in stores on April 29, several days before the previously-scheduled May 3 date.Co-written by current Thor comics scribe Matt Fraction and Sega, God of Thunder is the Marvel warrior's first standalone videogame.

The game's most up-to-date promotional materials indicate that Thor will be swinging Mjölnir and other weapons at the likes of Ulik, Ymir, Surtur and more across four unique "Norse planets" using "Odinforce resources" and other abilities that can be bolstered by earning "Valor runes." Verily, that is a lot of quotation marks, but surely used in the spirit of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

To tide yourself over waiting for any of the versions of the game, I suggest watching oddly compelling YouTube videos of the original, The Legend of Zelda-like God of Thunder title, which also stars Thor:

[Via CVG]

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